Inspired by the universal desire for decadent and indulgent experiences, this exceptional, premium line of chocolate liqueurs offers a unique option for any occasion.


We are the women behind a New Generation of chocolate liqueurs.

After years of waiting for a ‘modern’ chocolate liqueur to hit the market, we decided to take action – and fix everything wrong with these classics.

It occurred to us that with the vast amount of chocolate lovers in the world there should be a greater variety of flavours available of this drink.

“A little bit of sweetness can drown out a whole lot of bitterness.”


While searching for the perfect name for our liqueurs we could not resist naming our product after the most decadent time in history.

The Baroque era was a time of exuberant, twisting, turning, exploding artistic expression. That new, exciting, intriguing concoction from the New World, chocolate, seemed to find its home in this new environment of Europe. Chocolate managed to weave its way into the very fabric of society – starting at the top, and in due course working its way down to cover all of society.

The Baroque made it possible.

In the Baroque, what is fashionable and in taste was defined and determined by those in power or positions of influence. King Philip IV (Spanish House of Habsburg), for example, had chocolate as part of his morning routine – and he was indeed a creature of habit. His habit reinforced the cultural trend of chocolate. Chocolate and the Baroque seemed like a match made in heaven.

Without it gaining such a strong foothold in the Baroque, chocolate may not be the popular food that it is today.


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